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Welcome to iCore Pioneer, a leading provider of innovative and reliable IT solutions. At iCore Pioneer, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology advancements. We continuously explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Initially, the company provided digital solutions and automations for different domains. However, in 2016, iCore Pioneer pivoted its focus to enable digital transformation across the sports industry. iCore Pioneer's flagship product, the Zeetius Software Suite, is an intelligent sports management and automation software that meets the needs of sports organizations, sports events and educational institutions. Zeetius streamlines administrative activities, helping tournament organizers automate tournaments in national/international level events. With its customizable dashboards and easy-to-use interfaces, the Zeetius has become the go-to choice of national/state-level sports bodies and tournament organizers that cater to multiple sports disciplines.

Our team of experts comprises talented professionals who possess a deep understanding of the latest trends and emerging technologies. With their expertise, we develop innovative IT solutions that address the specific challenges faced by each industry, empowering our clients to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and achieve their business goals.

Our Mission

“To be a global leader in sports automation bringing in digital transformation across sports industry, serving them with integrity, transparency and innovation, and harnessing the power of sport to inspire positive social change.”

Our mission reflects a commitment to excellence in both technology and social impact, with a focus on helping the sports industry thrive in the digital age while also making a positive contribution to society.

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Our Vision

"Global leader of Sports Automation, One language for all sports"

Our vision is to lead the global sports automation industry and establish a universal system for all sports. By leveraging technology, we aim to simplify and streamline various aspects of the sports industry, enhancing accessibility for sports organizations and engagement for fans.

Our ultimate objective is to enhance the efficiency, collaboration, and impact of sports for all stakeholders involved.

Our Leaders


Founder & CEO

A passionate entrepreneur with 25 years of experience


Technical Director

A technocrat with over 10 years of experience


Head - Human Resource

Passionate in human resource management


Head - Marketing

Marketing professional with 20 years of experience