Zeetius for Academies

Efficiency Redefined: Enhance your Sports/Coaching Academy

Zeetius empowers your sports academy to thrive, enabling you to maximize performance, enhance athlete development, and unlock new levels of success.

We offer the following features:

Athlete Management : software allows coaches to efficiently manage athlete profiles, including personal information, performance data, training history, and medical records. It helps track individual progress, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and monitor overall athlete development.
Training Planning and Scheduling : Coaches can create customized training plans, design practice sessions, and schedule training sessions for individual athletes or groups. The software helps optimize training loads, balance workload distribution, and ensure that athletes receive appropriate training based on their goals and abilities.
Technology based Assessment and Monitoring : offer real-time feedback, data analysis capabilities, and increased engagement, leading to more effective assessment processes and informed decision-making.
Attendance & Fee management : Coaches can track athlete attendance, record training sessions, and generate reports on athlete progress, participation, and performance Offer features for managing financial aspects such as athlete fees, invoicing and payment tracking.
Competition Management : Assists in managing competitions and tournaments, including registering teams, creating fixtures and schedules, tracking results, and managing team standings.
Athlete Performance Analysis : Coaches can analyze performance metrics, review game footage, and provide valuable feedback to athletes to improve their skills and strategies.
Employee Payroll and Tax Management : This capability helps academies maintain financial transparency and streamline their financial processes.
Seamless Communication : facilitates seamless communication between coaches, athletes, and parents informeing about training schedules, upcoming events, and important updates.
Reports & Analytics : Provides reporting and analytics capabilities, generating insights on participant statistics, match outcomes, and overall tournament performance

Zeetius for coaching academies aims to simplify administrative tasks, enhance athlete development, and improve communication and collaboration, thereby enabling more efficient and effective sports coaching operations