Zeetius for Tournaments

From Live Scores to Epic Streams: Elevate Your Tournament Journey!

Experience the ultimate tournament journey with our software, seamlessly transitioning from live scores to epic streams, taking your event to new heights!

We offer the following features:

Match Scheduling : Provides schedule creatiion for matches in a tournament or league and assigning officials, referees, or umpires to oversee and officiate those matches.
Technical Official Management : Efficiently carrying out nomination and allocation of technical officials such as referees, judges, and umpires to maintain fair and smooth sporting events.
Umpire Assistance : Provides Umpire Assistance by automatically recording scores and providing transparency.
Live Score Display : Provides Real time updates on the scores to the officials and spectators
Automatic Score Sheets : Eliminate the need for manual scorekeeping and provide accurate and efficient score management.
Multiple Court Management : Enables the officials to record and display scores in multiple courts simultaneously
Certificate Generation : Provides pre-designed certificate templates that can be customized and allows for the generation of multiple certificates at once, eliminating the need for manual creation and saving time for the administrators
Live Streaming : Provides better experience of the tournaments by real-time broadcasting over the internet, allowing viewers to watch events or activities as they happen, remotely and instantaneously.
Reports and Analytics : Provides reporting and analytics capabilities, generating insights on participant statistics, match outcomes, and overall tournament performance

Zeetius for tournaments streamlines scheduling, assignments, and communication. It increases efficiency, reduces administrative tasks, ensures accuracy, and facilitates effective coordination among officials, improving overall officiating processes and also provides better experience for spectators.