Zeetius for Associations

Unleash the Power of Digital Transformation

Embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to streamline administrative processes, enhance member engagement, and optimize organizational efficiency.

We offer the following features:

Player/Membership Management : Allows organizers to manage teams and players efficiently. It provides features for creating team profiles, tracking player details, managing rosters, and handling player eligibility.
Streamlined Tournament Planning : Simplifies the process of planning tournaments by providing features for tournament design, managing venues, handling participant registrations, and managing officials, saving time and reducing manual errors.
Customization and Branding : Provides Customization and Branding for your Association.
Auto Email and SMS integrations : Organizers can send updates, announcements, and reminders to participants, teams, and officials through automated emails or SMS.
Technical Official Management : Efficiently carrying out nomination and allocation of technical officials such as referees, judges, and umpires to maintain fair and smooth sporting events.
Reports and Analytics : Provides reporting and analytics capabilities, generating insights on participant statistics, match outcomes, and overall tournament performance.
Rank list preparation : Capable of automatically generating rank lists based on the provided data and the selected ranking algorithm.
Certificate Generation : Provides pre-designed certificate templates that can be customized and allows for the generation of multiple certificates at once, eliminating the need for manual creation and saving time for the administrators
Club Management : streamlines Membership Management,organising and scheduling of sports events along with communication strategies and financial management improving overall club operations.

By embracing Zeetius, Sports associations can position themselves at the forefront of the industry, ready to adapt to evolving needs and leverage the power of technology to drive growth and success.