Press Release

Saudi Badminton Federation Chooses Zeetius as Exclusive Tournament Management Partner For Live Scoring

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, September 29, 2023 —– Zeetius is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Saudi Badminton federation, positioning Zeetius as the exclusive provider of live scoring technology for the badminton tournaments in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Badminton federation has chosen Zeetius Live Scoring to usher in a new era of tournament organization and fan engagement . This exclusive collaboration underscores Saudi Badminton federation unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation within the sport.

The partnership with Zeetius offers a multitude of benefits for Saudi Badminton. Zeetius Live Scoring provides real-time scoring updates and simplifies the administrative tasks associated with tournament organization, allowing Saudi Badminton Federation to allocate its resources more effectively. This efficiency ultimately translates into better-organized tournaments and a more seamless experience for players and fans.

Another crucial advantage is data accuracy. Zeetius' automated processes ensure that scoring and tournament data are accurate and reducing errors.This reliability in data is critical for fair play and trustworthy tournament outcomes.

Zeetius Live Scoring fosters efficient communication between tournament organizers, players, and fans. The platform provides a centralized hub for updates, notifications, and interactions, enhancing the overall experience and engagement.

“Zeetius application is very helpful to use, it greatly assisted us in our development efforts, and easy to handle and assign at the same time very co operative working team, thank-you and appreciate that” -Frouk salim [Technical Secretary at Saudi Badminton Federation]

Zeetius is eagerly looking forward to a successful partnership with Saudi Badminton federation and is dedicated to continually advancing the sports industry through user-friendly interfaces and data accuracy.
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